Trust and live


I surrender to Now
I trust in the universe
I am strong
My purpose is being served
I trust that my path is layed clearly in front of me
I am abundant in all areas of life
I am financially abundant
I am romantically open to receive my soul flame
I am fulfilling my soul desire one breath at a time
I trust my talents
I trust my voice
I am listening to my higher self
I am love
I trust in source to guide me in every way
Source speaks to me
Source listens to me
Source guides me
Source loves me
Source is love
Love is my is the air that I breath. Love is the energy that I feel. Love is the fuel that runs through my body. Love is the light that drives my soul. Love is the wisdom that whispers in my heart. Love is the voice that sounds out of my mouth. Love is the touch that extends from my hand and onto others.

I let love guide me everyday, love shows me the abundance all around, love feeds me when I am hungry, love clothes me when I am naked, love cleanse my body and love cleanses my soul, love protects me from the harm of other, love carries me when I am tired, love comforts me when I am down, love in my heart always and forever.

Love will bring me to my path chosen in love.
I trust.
I trust.
I trust.

Speak love, hear love, see love, feel love, touch love, sleep love, live love, die love.

In Love I trust,  in Love I live.

To your Devine success
Peace& Love

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