Stillness in numbers and thought form:


“Are we Human because we gaze at the stars? Or do we gaze at the stars because we are human?” ~Neil Gaiman

Think of the first human to have developed a thought; what do you think that thought was?

Was he aware of the thought?
Did he suddenly pause and think: what is this thing that I am thinking about? Who is this person speaking to me? Is it me? Am I hearing voices?

Or did he always think?

Were thoughts always present and he just didnt realise they were there until the first thought he noticed? So does this make it the first thought ever? Or the first man to think? Or the first enlightened human? … 

And if thoughts have always been present yet undiscovered, what was it about that specific thought that caught the thinker’s attention? Or did the thinker stop thinking and noticed the silence? Making him realise the incessant dialogue of thinking that goes on in his mind?

I wonder.

It’s an endless number of wonders, like the endless number of stars and galaxies we gaze at each night. How many? How much? How old? How far? How near?  The answer is always a number.

And, numbers are always an answer.

Ask a question and allow the numbers to answer you, the meaning and power behind each number that you see lies behind the vibration it carries. Sit in silence and listen deeply to the echoes of the universe.

The answers are within.

To your Devine success
Peace& Love

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