Namaste beautiful people.

Welcome to my blog, my name is Meriem I write to heal and help myself to channel and stay connected with my higher self.

I use Evernote app on the go to take notes of any messages I feel that I am receiving.

In early 2010 I started to experience a rapid shift in consciousness,  I began to listen in… Yes listen to my inner voice, whatever you want to call it, it really doesn’t matter as long as we all know that there is a truth within all of us, a pure consciousness that once we tap into it our journey on this planet is transformed into a beautiful and ever growing soul journey.

So here I am, simply sharing my energy and space.

I am a Holistic healer by birth, I discovered this only after quitting my Marketing career at the age of 30 and right at the time when I was the flavour of the season, my success left me feeling like something was just OFF. I had a burning sensation inside, a silent noise that kept nudging me and pulling me in, only to whisper incomprehensible words in my heart.

After years of attempting to drown out the silence with many forms of physical distractions, I decided to stop and be in the silent space inside of me. How? it will all be revealed throughout my posts. Remember, I am not a writer nor am I a story teller. I will only post what feels right.

I finally learned to trust my own voice. My silent whisper. I now listen to what can only be my higher self guiding me in life. You may call it the universe, God in his many names, your guardian angel or whatever you like. It does not alter the fact that what we hear or feel deep down is the true essence of which we are. I AM whatever I create.

My journey continues and I learn everyday that by trusting my higher self, I can achieve anything in this life and so can you.

Thank you for being a part of my journey, I wish you all divine success as my aim is to flower and help others to do the same.

Life is a journey to discover our true essence, our special gift which when revealed to us can then be shared to help others.

Peace& Love

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