Psilocybin Full moon in Gemini ♊

“… Love.. Now breathe… Breathe through it.. Be still… Breathe through it.. Be still… Breathe through it.. No fear… Breathe through it.. You are here… Love… Breathe…”

If you haven’t felt it yet, get ready for the full force of the Gemini effect. A Euphoric experience complete with visual and mental hallucinations, pushing us to integrate, centre ourselves, claim our power and truly start living.

This is the Gemini way, putting us under a beautiful spell only to then burst our bubble, in order to spell it out for all of us:

“Get real with yourself, shifting your perception and take positive action in your lives.”

Gemini is here to show us the many facets of love, to teach us how to manage our feelings in order to better serve ourselves and therefore others around us.

Gemini’s message is that:

  1. Real love comes in many forms, so learn to recognise each one.
  2. Real love runs deep, so learn to swim.
  3. Real love works hard, so learn new skills and keep it interesting.

The message here is to trust in your inner voice, to sit through each experience observing and breathing deeply each time, learning and letting go.

Trust Gemini’s support, wit, intellect and charm to guide you through this journey.


The allegory of the cave and modern man. 

Time has come for humanity to shift its purpose in life. No more are we apologising for what was, the cycle that drives people to repeat history now comes to an end. The roar is echoing in the hearts of men, let go of fear and shift our consciousness to a higher reality. 

This new moon in leo is super charged with the total solar eclipse that plunges our consciousness into darkness, deep into the waters of scorpio we travel to feel all there is, all the suffering is brought to light…And yes, it’s a painful experience but it is one that can longer be ignored. 

We have been living “the Allegory of the cave” plato explains this illusion and discribes our state in his writing

Time to wake up, the light is here. Once the solar eclipse travels its path the light emerges, get ready for a shift in consciousness. We have arrived, make of it what you wish you can resist, or you can stand up and be accountable… Time to break the chains of the mind and realise that we create our reality from within, we accept what is or we challenge what is. We stand up for each other or we stand against one another. We choose love or we choose fear. We challenge or we stay silent.

Yet at this point in our human existence, the heavens are bringing everything to light for cleansing..  so you can either resist or you emancipate yourself.

The choice is yours. 

Love is real, it fuels life itself. Open your heart and let love flow.



To be a bird; I would shake off my wings with immense grace stretching them out as far as I could to release whatever hate, anger, distress or unwanted energy I may have collected. Arise in the moment and with that I would return to the Now. Only in the NOW can love, peace, compassion and empathy shine through me.

As long as I am in the moment I would see myself in everyone and everything that enters my consciousness.

Shake and move on.

To your Devine success
Peace& Love

Stillness in numbers and thought form:


“Are we Human because we gaze at the stars? Or do we gaze at the stars because we are human?” ~Neil Gaiman

Think of the first human to have developed a thought; what do you think that thought was?

Was he aware of the thought?
Did he suddenly pause and think: what is this thing that I am thinking about? Who is this person speaking to me? Is it me? Am I hearing voices?

Or did he always think?

Were thoughts always present and he just didnt realise they were there until the first thought he noticed? So does this make it the first thought ever? Or the first man to think? Or the first enlightened human? … 

And if thoughts have always been present yet undiscovered, what was it about that specific thought that caught the thinker’s attention? Or did the thinker stop thinking and noticed the silence? Making him realise the incessant dialogue of thinking that goes on in his mind?

I wonder.

It’s an endless number of wonders, like the endless number of stars and galaxies we gaze at each night. How many? How much? How old? How far? How near?  The answer is always a number.

And, numbers are always an answer.

Ask a question and allow the numbers to answer you, the meaning and power behind each number that you see lies behind the vibration it carries. Sit in silence and listen deeply to the echoes of the universe.

The answers are within.

To your Devine success
Peace& Love

The evolution of the flower child

“Can I just be free?” declares Khiara.

My 8 years old daughter is vocal about how she feels and isn’t afraid to point out the obvious.
“do you not feel free?” I ask her, “No!” she says :”not when I spend all day in a cage”. By this stage of our conversation I am curious, I want to find out more about her view on freedom but I don’t want to probe or plant anything in her mind. Kids are amazing learners and they can feel everything that enters their energy field. So I allow her to speak, in between sips of her pink milk I allow the silence and just listen:

” Well we are in a cage all day, like birds looking around and up… We sit in class, we run in the playground and then we go home.  Then there are these adults that just spend all day watching us, telling us what to do, how to speak, what to wear, how to think and who to play with…. I mean, I will get in so so much trouble if I say to someone, I don’t like you so I am not going to play with you, I mean that’s just ridiculous because then I have to pretend to like this person when I just don’t. I don’t think these adults know what they’re doing, because if they did they would smile more and actually enjoy kids company.
You know children are not stupid, we see what’s going on.”

And with that she moved on to an entirely different subject.

Often adults forget that we too were children once and we too felt caged and restricted by society, some still feel this restriction even in adult life.

This cycle has been in motion, unseen for a while and the chain holding it together is rusty and stiff, it’s hard to spin; forcing it to turn is only going to break it.

Now is the time for change. Time for the chain to break. I can feel it in the air, it’s heavy, strong and the stench is unbearable that people are falling apart, collapsing, breaking down, dying to this false reality built for us by a cycle of fear.. This is happening everywhere and to anyone resisting their calling, resisting the change. What may feel like a break down, faling apart, depression, self loathing is really the road to surrender, to connect with the one who sees all. Your inner child.

To resist is to struggle and whatever you experience positively, you can experience negatively. Your role now is to choose to live either in resistance or in harmony with the natural law.

In the 80s we saw the age of form, our obsession with material success and measuring our self worth with the exterior world soon came down crashing in the 90s when many cultures and civilisations collapsed bringing forth the new generation of flower children and unlike their precedetors of the 60s movement, this evolved flower child is equipped and prepared for the resistance, they know what’s coming. They can see it.
Their work has started and changes have been made already.


You’re reading this because you have been stirred by one.

Now is the time for the evolution of the mind, we are ascending to a new age.
The age of expansion.

Let go and live

To your Devine success
Peace& Love

A dog in water


Have you ever seen a dog in the water?

Have you noticed how the dog has no sense of separation, of division nor resistance to being in the water.

The dog is entirely present in the element, enjoying each movement, flowing as one with the water.

Have you watched what happens when the dog steps out of the water?
Have you seen how he shakes every single drop out of his body? Gently with such precision and tact from the head to the tip of his tail, he separates himself from the oneness that was once “the moment of the dog and water”.

Once the dog is finished shaking it all off; he wonders off to the next experience dry, calm and collected never holding on to that memory he simply releases the experience entirely.

That is letting go and living in the NOW.

When we hold on to memories, constantly referring back to a moment in time we become prisoners in our own mind. We build expectations of people, things and events. We subject ourselves to suffering.

The dog however is a master of his own destiny.

Bottom line is; life is a course of events taking place in the space you occupy tied together by time you created for yourself.
With each experience you have, should you release the notion of time then you will be able to float through the space without a single attachment, to people, things and experiences. This is being. Growth. Spiritual awakening. Heaven.

To your Devine success
Peace& Love

Sex.. Healing and Chakra activation

“When two energies meet and combine harmoniously, a bright spark appears and engulfs the two in a pure healing light. The two become one for a moment sharing a holy space in order to exchange information and wisdom. They feed each other and release any blockages they are Unconsciously aware of.
The 7 chakras are activated in a spiral of love, spinning one by one, releasing a dark liquid with the aid of the sparks created by the 2 energies.
The two energies heal each other, it may be a small aspect or a major blockage but both will benefit from this exchange.
Unconsciously or consciously the healing is done.
Only then that the two energies move on, part in peace and loving light. Knowing that form and time dissolves but true love is eternal.”


To your Devine success
Peace& Love