Full Moon in Leo – Feb 2020

Join me in welcoming the Majestic Energy!

Enters the KING

This Moon carries a Royal Vibe, not just because it falls in Leo but it’s entire positioning will leave us feeling Ourselves.

A Beautiful glimpse into our highest Self, and how Magnificent, Important and Special we truly are. We will be walking around feeling like Emperors, Most of us will be so deep into this energy that our Ego can quickly creep in, so much so that drama can arise so be present and ground yourself daily.

One way to take advantage of this truly mesmerising energy, and to charge it up and refuel to use it in the coming months is to practice self- awareness. Make sure to keep up with your daily practices, Now is really not the time to hit Snooze: meditation, Exercise, Nature walks, down time with your loved ones and that self-care time is much needed.

Good food and Rest will leave you full of inspiration, opening up new opportunities which will guide you closer to your passion and the life you intend to live. Here are a few practices which I strongly recommend you engage in for this special time:

  1. Revisit your Vision Board, add/remove to adjust your intentions.
  2. Write a Love letter to your Soul Flame, (whether you are together or yet to meet) Store it for further instruction. *watch this space in the coming moons.
  3. Eat plenty of Fresh Raw Food, for heat (which is much needed to store the Leo fire) add Deep red colours and Miso soup.
  4. To Cleanse and Balance the Solar Plexus Chakra, drink Chamomile tea and prep your Super Water for daily consumption (potion below).
  5. Hold Virabhadrasana 1 warrior Pose for 2/4mins each Morning and Evening, this will enable the Solar Plexus energy to flow smoothly, balance and reset.
  6. Show more Love to those who you are truly grateful for each day, acts of gratitude is Love so remember to mention and show how much you really Love and appreciate those who are still with you. (Hug them, Bake or bring them a treat to add a warm smile in their day, sit and listen to them with no interruption or advice… just listen. Be the Space for them)

Take advantage of the purifying and empowering energy of the Moon to cleanse through your Solar Plexus Chakra energetically as-well as physically.

Treat yourself this Full moon to a Super Water mix to boost your immune system, Ground your energy and strengthen your Solar Plexus Chakra allowing you to truly reach from within and focus on your higher Self. * Prepare daily and consume throughout the day** suitable for travel and refills.

Potion Preparation:

⁃ 1 whole Pink Grapefruit cut into small half moon shapes.

⁃ 1 stalk of Fresh Rosemary.

⁃ A 2 Litter Jug full of Charcoal purified Water.

Rosemary is a powerful perineal plant that is a good source of Iron, Calcium and Vit B-6. High in Antioxidants, Antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory compounds. It Helps to treat Indigestion, Lower Blood sugar, Improves moods and Memory, and Contains an ingredient called Carnosic acid, which can fight off damage by free radicals in the brain.

Pink Grapefruit is a super hydrator which can prevent Insulin resistance and Diabetes. it is High in powerful Antioxidants such as Vitamin C, A, Flavanone, and Lycopene. Making it a multi taster as it also Helps to Reduce Kidney Stones and Improves Heart Health.

Enjoy the Healing power of Nature, the full Moon and Love itself.

For more on Chakras and coming Moons, get in touch and follow me for future posts.

Thank you for reading.

**Nutritional information is used as a guide and should not replace your Physician’s advice- always consult with you doctor.

Psilocybin Full moon in Gemini ♊

“… Love.. Now breathe… Breathe through it.. Be still… Breathe through it.. Be still… Breathe through it.. No fear… Breathe through it.. You are here… Love… Breathe…”

If you haven’t felt it yet, get ready for the full force of the Gemini effect. A Euphoric experience complete with visual and mental hallucinations, pushing us to integrate, centre ourselves, claim our power and truly start living.

This is the Gemini way, putting us under a beautiful spell only to then burst our bubble, in order to spell it out for all of us:

“Get real with yourself, shifting your perception and take positive action in your lives.”

Gemini is here to show us the many facets of love, to teach us how to manage our feelings in order to better serve ourselves and therefore others around us.

Gemini’s message is that:

  1. Real love comes in many forms, so learn to recognise each one.
  2. Real love runs deep, so learn to swim.
  3. Real love works hard, so learn new skills and keep it interesting.

The message here is to trust in your inner voice, to sit through each experience observing and breathing deeply each time, learning and letting go.

Trust Gemini’s support, wit, intellect and charm to guide you through this journey.


Gemini full moon 2016; time to merge the shadow self.

As we give thanks and say goodbye to 2016, the full moon makes its final appearance for the year with Gemini’s energy. Super charged, this full moon comes with a strong message and one purpose. Listen up:

Whatever it is you are resisting, attempting to heal or trying to achieve… Stop! Stand still and realise that It’s time to face the truth, surrender to the moment.. because resistance will prevent you from moving forward and progressing with your life,  whatever it is you are trying to heal can’t be healed it’s time to accept it as it is. Not every wound can be healed, some leave scars.. Some things just need to be as they are, instead of resisting look at it with compassion and understand the subliminal message within.. Only than can you truly learn that by focusing on a goal or imagining a better outcome, you are missing the point. The point that the present moment is trying to teach you.
The scar is there for a reason, do not be ashamed of how it looks.. Embrace it as you, you are complete and beautiful with all your scars for they are just another unique and intriguing feature that tells an exotic and mysterious tale. Love it.

2016 brought us many opportunities for self healing, bringing things out of the dark and into the light, a chance for many of us to come face to face with our shadow self and make peace with it. This Gemini full moon is our opportunity to shine by bringing together our light and shadow self, our yin and Yang, our kali with our shakti in order to sing the melody of our scars and tell the world our deep inner stories in the form of wisdom..just like the Gemini sign the message is to embrace yourself as a whole in order to move forward and prosper. Take your shadow and light hand in hand and walk as one.

Embrace the Gemini energy this full moon, be in yourself and come face to face with the healer within.. It has alot to say to you, your onward success and peace in life depends on this very moment, listen deeply.

As a Gemini once said:

“All men’s miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone.”Blaise Pascal~

So sit in a quiet room alone, for as long as you need without distractions.. Just be in yourself this Full moon; light a candle and meet your other half with open arms, love and acceptance. Embrace it without judgement and welcome it home.

You are an amazing being, living in a very important moment in human existence.. With your soul purpose, you came here to experience and create a life from within.. What will you choose?

Gemini super full moon is here to teach us that we are all unique, to not be afraid to express and be who we are. These some well known Gemini people who can give you an idea of how accepting and completely grounded you need to be in yourself:

Blase Pascal, Morgan Freeman, Venus Williams, Che Guevara, Aung san suu Kyi, John F Kennedy, Ann Frank, Johnny Depp,  Benazir Bhutto, Angelina Jolie, Kanye West, Elizabeth Hurley, Faith Evans, Marilyn Monroe…not forgetting Castor and Pollux, the twin brothers who stand watch in the night sky as the two most dominating bright stars of the constellation, they are the patron of sailors appearing as Elmo’s fire and the patron gods of Horses. 

Geminis sure have a way of expressing their uniqueness, how you do it is your choice.

Enjoy the super lunar energy, it’s a fun time to explore yourself by being loving,gentle and kind to yours truly.

It’s time to speak your truth.

Learn more about the Gemini twins >>>   https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Castor_and_Pollux