A dog in water


Have you ever seen a dog in the water?

Have you noticed how the dog has no sense of separation, of division nor resistance to being in the water.

The dog is entirely present in the element, enjoying each movement, flowing as one with the water.

Have you watched what happens when the dog steps out of the water?
Have you seen how he shakes every single drop out of his body? Gently with such precision and tact from the head to the tip of his tail, he separates himself from the oneness that was once “the moment of the dog and water”.

Once the dog is finished shaking it all off; he wonders off to the next experience dry, calm and collected never holding on to that memory he simply releases the experience entirely.

That is letting go and living in the NOW.

When we hold on to memories, constantly referring back to a moment in time we become prisoners in our own mind. We build expectations of people, things and events. We subject ourselves to suffering.

The dog however is a master of his own destiny.

Bottom line is; life is a course of events taking place in the space you occupy tied together by time you created for yourself.
With each experience you have, should you release the notion of time then you will be able to float through the space without a single attachment, to people, things and experiences. This is being. Growth. Spiritual awakening. Heaven.

To your Devine success
Peace& Love

Sex.. Healing and Chakra activation

“When two energies meet and combine harmoniously, a bright spark appears and engulfs the two in a pure healing light. The two become one for a moment sharing a holy space in order to exchange information and wisdom. They feed each other and release any blockages they are Unconsciously aware of.
The 7 chakras are activated in a spiral of love, spinning one by one, releasing a dark liquid with the aid of the sparks created by the 2 energies.
The two energies heal each other, it may be a small aspect or a major blockage but both will benefit from this exchange.
Unconsciously or consciously the healing is done.
Only then that the two energies move on, part in peace and loving light. Knowing that form and time dissolves but true love is eternal.”


To your Devine success
Peace& Love

Trust and live


I surrender to Now
I trust in the universe
I am strong
My purpose is being served
I trust that my path is layed clearly in front of me
I am abundant in all areas of life
I am financially abundant
I am romantically open to receive my soul flame
I am fulfilling my soul desire one breath at a time
I trust my talents
I trust my voice
I am listening to my higher self
I am love
I trust in source to guide me in every way
Source speaks to me
Source listens to me
Source guides me
Source loves me
Source is love
Love is my source.love is the air that I breath. Love is the energy that I feel. Love is the fuel that runs through my body. Love is the light that drives my soul. Love is the wisdom that whispers in my heart. Love is the voice that sounds out of my mouth. Love is the touch that extends from my hand and onto others.

I let love guide me everyday, love shows me the abundance all around, love feeds me when I am hungry, love clothes me when I am naked, love cleanse my body and love cleanses my soul, love protects me from the harm of other, love carries me when I am tired, love comforts me when I am down, love in my heart always and forever.

Love will bring me to my path chosen in love.
I trust.
I trust.
I trust.

Speak love, hear love, see love, feel love, touch love, sleep love, live love, die love.

In Love I trust,  in Love I live.

To your Devine success
Peace& Love

Surrender to your truth


Love whispered a sweet melody, only my left ear could hear. He said:
I want to love you, I want to share every moment with you. I want to love you and treat you right.

Love then asked me:
Is this love that I am feeling? Is it? I want to know.

He then declared:

I want to love you, I want to love you every moment of every day. For in the end we will be together and we will share the same space so tell me is this love that I am feeling from you?

Love asked, declared then I realised that Love, the love that was talking to me was myself. The one here deep inside of me observing every moment of every day. Love spoke to me, I spoke to me. I woke up.

“people sleep and when they die they awake”

I may have heard a song a thousand times. But it took 1001 times for the silver hook to catch my soul and pull it out, like wet cotton wool with such struggle I rose out of the sea of endless mind chatter and surrendered to what is.

I surrendered to love, for you see once you are lifted you will never fall. You’ll see, feel, hear and embody everything and everyone. You realise that I am you and you are me, we are one, Co-creating together..it really isn’t a competition, a race or a game.

Until we all rise and feel the higher love, until we all speak from the higher love, and until we become love.. We will continue to live through a peep hole. Limited in our mind. Living through an illusion embedded in us through conditioning.

Have you noticed the shift? It’s here and because you are reading this.. It has already entered you. You are shifting, your veils are falling one by one. You are here to experience your truth.

For you see as I write this I am speaking my truth, my heart is sending out the message and every feeling will emit a vibration, the vibration will travel and connect with other similar vibrations which will grow and turn into a feeding vortex, this vibration will spread into and through other living beings, very much like how your wireless network runs. So you can only take a guess at what one single feeling can do and achieve.
It is instant.

Take for example events like: concerts, carnivals, festivals, demonstrations, riots, wars and so on… All these events are driven by a single feeling, a single vibration that brings everyone to the same point of reaction.

It is easy for me to tell you now to observe your feelings and surrender to the moment and space you are in. Choose Love.
Learn to love yourself,  because in the end there is only you…. and you are me.
Love is the vibration we want our planet to be on right now.
Choose love.
Be love.
Create from love.

To your Devine success
Peace& Love

Die before you Die


Die and wake up whole again
Death is yet another experience in order to experience the true meaning of life
To live and never experience death, is to walk with only a body and mind
Die and be the spirit
Die and feel the spirit
Die and live again as the pure light that fills your body
The light that is the spirit
The spirit that is the soul
The soul that lives on beyond death
Die before you Die
Meet yourself
Meet the light
Die before you Die

To your Devine success
Peace& Love

Pure consciousness and You.


First there is God the essence of pure love, from which arose pure consciousness.

Once we realise that we are pure consciousness. When we observe the observer and realise that beyond all the layers we bury ourselves under, we all are but one and the pure consciousness connects us all with the one, the only one. The creator.

You see, everything else is a projection of the inner self. Whatever we are experiencing on the outer layer is but a projection of our inner state of being.
“As within so without”

For example… When we meet someone or experience something we are not meeting that person or experiencing that thing as they truly and purely are unless we are aligned with our pure consciousness, otherwise we are mearly meeting ourself, our inner condition, our past experience and so on.

Once we are aligned we will experience our love in its purest form, our presence is grounded, only then can we connect with other beings on a spiritual level whether they are awake or not you will feel their true essence, you will see their pure form through the eyes of your soul, only then can we experience god.

You can call it “god” or whatever you wish, giving it an identity will not change what IT is. Calling a tree an Oak, a Pine, a Fig tree will not change the fact that it is a tree and it is also connected through a vast network running deep throughout our planet. Changing your name from Elisabeth to Abdul Ali will not alter your pure essence. It will only change your own perception of yourself. Just like if a Fig tree is called an Olivier it will only cause confusion as we have placed an expectation on the identity. Take away the identity and you will still have sweet honey figs in your hands and shade on a hot summer’s afternoon.

Be true to your being.

To your Devine success
Peace& Love



The sunrise.

A conspicuous daily event so dramatic, so grand and loud, often goes unseen and unnoticed. Silently entering our lives never expecting a return, yet the power it holds can only benefit those who recognise it’s worth.

Many ancient civilisations have held the sunrise as a tool to achieve their goals, to aid their daily activities and even their very survival.

The Sun, long forgotten in our current civilisation still holds a positive significant role whether we acknowledge that or deny it. You only have to look at how we react to the seasonal changes, our desperate need for solar power and our continuous reliance on documenting our lives according to the sun’s movements.

I will discuss the holistic healing factors the Sun provides and how to use it in a dedicated post, for now I just want to focus on the Sunrise energy.

I have a distinct memory of when I was around 10 or 11 years old, whilst on a road trip with my family in North Africa I witnessed the Sun rising. Of course I had seen the sunrise many times before, but this one stood out to me I clearly remember meditating through the experience, the intention was to manifest my deepest desire which was at the time for my family to connect during our trip, for my parents to be in the moment with my 3 sisters and I and for us to be free, I also wished for specific details for our stay in Tunisia. As I watched the Sun rise across the moving landscape of eastern Algeria, I remember feeling as 1 with my entire surroundings, everything around me was somehow a part of me and I was just downloading Unconsciously, everyone in the car was asleep except for my dad who was driving. I now know that a part of me wanted me to remember this experience, I needed to as a couple of decades later I realised the significant power the energy of the sunrise has, of course everything I intended came true and with such a profound result.

When you take a moment to observe the sunrise its energy is downloaded within you, whatever you are working on at that time will be super charged and empowered.
The effects are noticed immediately. I am saying to live in the moment, work on what you want for the day, start your intentions from the heart.

A sunrise is to be admired and adored, after all it is the beginning of the rest of your wonderful life.

Time to wake up and live.

To your Devine success
Peace& Love