Surrender to your truth


Love whispered a sweet melody, only my left ear could hear. He said:
I want to love you, I want to share every moment with you. I want to love you and treat you right.

Love then asked me:
Is this love that I am feeling? Is it? I want to know.

He then declared:

I want to love you, I want to love you every moment of every day. For in the end we will be together and we will share the same space so tell me is this love that I am feeling from you?

Love asked, declared then I realised that Love, the love that was talking to me was myself. The one here deep inside of me observing every moment of every day. Love spoke to me, I spoke to me. I woke up.

“people sleep and when they die they awake”

I may have heard a song a thousand times. But it took 1001 times for the silver hook to catch my soul and pull it out, like wet cotton wool with such struggle I rose out of the sea of endless mind chatter and surrendered to what is.

I surrendered to love, for you see once you are lifted you will never fall. You’ll see, feel, hear and embody everything and everyone. You realise that I am you and you are me, we are one, Co-creating really isn’t a competition, a race or a game.

Until we all rise and feel the higher love, until we all speak from the higher love, and until we become love.. We will continue to live through a peep hole. Limited in our mind. Living through an illusion embedded in us through conditioning.

Have you noticed the shift? It’s here and because you are reading this.. It has already entered you. You are shifting, your veils are falling one by one. You are here to experience your truth.

For you see as I write this I am speaking my truth, my heart is sending out the message and every feeling will emit a vibration, the vibration will travel and connect with other similar vibrations which will grow and turn into a feeding vortex, this vibration will spread into and through other living beings, very much like how your wireless network runs. So you can only take a guess at what one single feeling can do and achieve.
It is instant.

Take for example events like: concerts, carnivals, festivals, demonstrations, riots, wars and so on… All these events are driven by a single feeling, a single vibration that brings everyone to the same point of reaction.

It is easy for me to tell you now to observe your feelings and surrender to the moment and space you are in. Choose Love.
Learn to love yourself,  because in the end there is only you…. and you are me.
Love is the vibration we want our planet to be on right now.
Choose love.
Be love.
Create from love.

To your Devine success
Peace& Love

Die before you Die


Die and wake up whole again
Death is yet another experience in order to experience the true meaning of life
To live and never experience death, is to walk with only a body and mind
Die and be the spirit
Die and feel the spirit
Die and live again as the pure light that fills your body
The light that is the spirit
The spirit that is the soul
The soul that lives on beyond death
Die before you Die
Meet yourself
Meet the light
Die before you Die

To your Devine success
Peace& Love

Pure consciousness and You.


First there is God the essence of pure love, from which arose pure consciousness.

Once we realise that we are pure consciousness. When we observe the observer and realise that beyond all the layers we bury ourselves under, we all are but one and the pure consciousness connects us all with the one, the only one. The creator.

You see, everything else is a projection of the inner self. Whatever we are experiencing on the outer layer is but a projection of our inner state of being.
“As within so without”

For example… When we meet someone or experience something we are not meeting that person or experiencing that thing as they truly and purely are unless we are aligned with our pure consciousness, otherwise we are mearly meeting ourself, our inner condition, our past experience and so on.

Once we are aligned we will experience our love in its purest form, our presence is grounded, only then can we connect with other beings on a spiritual level whether they are awake or not you will feel their true essence, you will see their pure form through the eyes of your soul, only then can we experience god.

You can call it “god” or whatever you wish, giving it an identity will not change what IT is. Calling a tree an Oak, a Pine, a Fig tree will not change the fact that it is a tree and it is also connected through a vast network running deep throughout our planet. Changing your name from Elisabeth to Abdul Ali will not alter your pure essence. It will only change your own perception of yourself. Just like if a Fig tree is called an Olivier it will only cause confusion as we have placed an expectation on the identity. Take away the identity and you will still have sweet honey figs in your hands and shade on a hot summer’s afternoon.

Be true to your being.

To your Devine success
Peace& Love



The sunrise.

A conspicuous daily event so dramatic, so grand and loud, often goes unseen and unnoticed. Silently entering our lives never expecting a return, yet the power it holds can only benefit those who recognise it’s worth.

Many ancient civilisations have held the sunrise as a tool to achieve their goals, to aid their daily activities and even their very survival.

The Sun, long forgotten in our current civilisation still holds a positive significant role whether we acknowledge that or deny it. You only have to look at how we react to the seasonal changes, our desperate need for solar power and our continuous reliance on documenting our lives according to the sun’s movements.

I will discuss the holistic healing factors the Sun provides and how to use it in a dedicated post, for now I just want to focus on the Sunrise energy.

I have a distinct memory of when I was around 10 or 11 years old, whilst on a road trip with my family in North Africa I witnessed the Sun rising. Of course I had seen the sunrise many times before, but this one stood out to me I clearly remember meditating through the experience, the intention was to manifest my deepest desire which was at the time for my family to connect during our trip, for my parents to be in the moment with my 3 sisters and I and for us to be free, I also wished for specific details for our stay in Tunisia. As I watched the Sun rise across the moving landscape of eastern Algeria, I remember feeling as 1 with my entire surroundings, everything around me was somehow a part of me and I was just downloading Unconsciously, everyone in the car was asleep except for my dad who was driving. I now know that a part of me wanted me to remember this experience, I needed to as a couple of decades later I realised the significant power the energy of the sunrise has, of course everything I intended came true and with such a profound result.

When you take a moment to observe the sunrise its energy is downloaded within you, whatever you are working on at that time will be super charged and empowered.
The effects are noticed immediately. I am saying to live in the moment, work on what you want for the day, start your intentions from the heart.

A sunrise is to be admired and adored, after all it is the beginning of the rest of your wonderful life.

Time to wake up and live.

To your Devine success
Peace& Love

London’s skyline never ceases to amaze, I find myself in awe everyday for every sunrise, every sunset is breathtaking. More so, as it is often missed and rarely appreciated while the endless sea of people scatter around like mindless ants, yet ants are conscious of what they are carrying, but fellow men on the other hand carry a heavy burden on the mind.. Unconsciously scattering around from sunset to sunrise and sunrise to sunset not knowing that in the same second it takes to stop, observe and appreciate the beauty around, the burden will be lifted and the beauty that is Life will rise from within..


To your Devine success
Peace& Love


During my awakening, there had been many times that I felt the need to write a blog as a way to share and tell my story but it never came through. I wondered why I blocked or ignored that feeling? I would start then I’d just let it go, give up on the idea.. “What a ridiculous notion” I’d say to myself, I am not even a writer… Hell! English is not even my first language.

How easily I would talk myself out of it.

Recently, I have been getting the same feeling, like a reassurance telling me to not be afraid and just do it.

This time I am listening, I am not afraid, I am trusting my voice and the more I listen the stronger the vibration feels. So, just like that.. in sync with my feelings my daughter started writing more and more, khiara is 7 years old, her imagination is so beautiful and she has always been so honest and open about what she feels. Her views on life shook me out of a deep sleep, both her and my son Tykel who is 14 years old have a huge role in bringing me back to my natural essence, reminding me of why I am here and to live free.

For now here is an old post I found on Blogger, this is dated 23/05/2011 and it was the only post I did on this blog…

Blogger post 23/05/2011
Four Senses:
“Mankind has come a long way in the last few centuries, we live alongside many different organisms and have established ourselves as the dominant species: stronger, smarter and more adaptable. But despite all of that and not to mention the advanced technology we SO rely on today, are we really that much different from the “Weaker” species?

Have you ever found yourself walking home, after a long day at work? Well, I have and here I was walking through a busy common on a lovely summer’s evening. Absorbing the environment around me: Cricket team on the right doing their thing which I never get, joggers on the long stretch looking composed and slightly crazy (I like to watch people makes me wonder what I look like when I am running ), frisbees flying all around with grown henche men chasing after them. In the distance, I can still see the busy traffic of the rush hour bustling through the corner of the Common but by this stage the atmosphere around has instantly rubbed off on me, long has the stress lifted and I am as relaxed as the long grass under my feet… Well, that is until I felt a spasm run through my spine and I stopped in a frenzy all at the sight of an over grown and excited Boxer running towards me (yes, the dog).

At that moment I am just reacting on what I visualise, my senses have all left me but one; Sight, the only one of our senses that can deceive us a million times over, because what I saw was danger (usually happens when I see big dogs and spiders). I completely dismissed the environment and the reason behind this image I am staring at, the Dog of course runs passed me (laughing probably) and his owner gives me the Look which says (crazy cat lover), but can I really help control the reaction I get every time I am presented with this scene?

I don’t think I can until I am convinced that big dogs are not a threat, and until then my natural instincts will take over “dangerous” situations like this.

As a little girl, I was always told to compose myself because animals can sense fear and will attack. And of course that didn’t help, because if dogs can smell my fear why on earth would they attack? That just convinced me that my fear for these domesticated creatures is simply a survival skill.

But I recently discovered that although it is true that animals sense fear, dogs will react to it differently. Let’s say the dog is a family pet so when out in a crowd this dog will smell the person giving off the stress hormone through sweating.
See the person hesitate and the awkward body language.
Hear the heart beat and blood pressure rise.
The next step is to approach for further investigation, so basically by reacting to the sight of a beast (OK ok a harmless house pet) I am just setting myself up for its attention.

All I really need to do is realise that we are not that much different from our fellow pets, we too follow the same pattern the dog uses to isolate an individual in the crowd and in the same exact order:  Smell, Sight, Sound and finally Touch.

Of course we are not as sophisticated as our “weaker” species for we cannot hear the heart beat of a fellow commuter (unless you are a character out of a Stephenie Meyer book) nor can we identify the scents we pick up off each other.
All of our senses put together are what helps us survive and evolve as the dominant species. Of course, we may not be aware of these wonderful senses but they are there and contrary to the belief of first impressions, it is not all based on the image we portray and what we see.” ~end ~

It is such a refreshing and wonderful insight to be able to look back at our own observations in life. I would recommend for you to go ahead and share, in a diary or a blog just open up and share whatever you want. Because you see ; whenever you share an observation you’re putting it out there for the universe to process and send it back to you in a clear and better understandable version… fast forward 3 years since I made that observation and I feel like I am light years ahead, I have realised so much more about myself and what I am gifted with and capable of, it has led me to turn my gift into a life style, I am healing myself everyday with every new experience I choose to draw towards me, I am overcoming my fears and so much more simply by aligning myself and training my thoughts. I advise you: don’t be afraid of who you are. In this exact moment you are the most perfect being you will ever be, instead of talking yourself out of doing things just relax and be in this moment. Be in the moment, in the NOW.

To your Devine success.

Peace& Love

Awakening: Introduction

“Your own self realisation is the greatest service you can render the world” Ramana Maharashi.

Awakening is simply the process of going back to the source, looking within and drawing all of our knowledge from our higher self .

When we pause to look within, observe our thoughts and our own existence we see just how we shape everything around us. Yes, I am saying that we are entirely in control of each fragment of our life and that of the global consciousness.

What we think and feel is an exclusive preview into our future, have you ever found yourself saying:” I knew it, I knew that was going to happen” or ” this feels like a deja vu!” you are not wrong, you are indeed experiencing what you have projected onto yourself, whether you were aware of it or not you chose exactly where you are right now.

“Ridiculous” you say .. why would anyone choose this life? a life of worry and misery? If we were really in control of what our life should be? then why aren’t we all living in mansions and swimming in a pool of gold?

Well, first of all we don’t all want a life of material wealth. In fact, none of us truly want a life solely based on material wealth. It’s simple: we are not experiencing the life we truly want because we are not all in control of our thoughts, if you just observe your fellow-man you will notice that many are in fact being controlled by their thoughts. The inner dialogue is constant, non stop inner chatter… Jumping from past events to future worry….. NOW, enough of observing your fellow-man, instead observe your own inner dialogue. What do you hear? The moment you start to listen, yes just listen… just observe what your commentator is telling you, just like when you are watching a sports event, just listen and observe.. you don’t need to engage in conversation with the commentator or should you feel the need to disagree. When you just sit back and listen you are waking up, for by listening alone you are in fact detaching your true essence from what I can only describe as soul wrenching madness.

You need not do anything at this stage, in fact by observing alone you are doing yourself a great service. I would also suggest a form of meditation which will serve you best, look into this as I would tell you that meditation is not to merely sit still in silence but it is simply a way to achieve alignment, to balance oneself and go deep within our core existence where mind activity is one with the heart, this is from where creation arises.

Waking up is a wonderful process, but like any new experience it is indeed frightening, confusing, unsettling and can leave you feeling lonely, detached from everyone you know and surely doubting your own sanity. We have all been through the darkness of the tunnel, please don’t despair.. don’t loose your senses.Take in the darkness, swallow it whole and accept it for the bright light it truly is.

Embracing the darkness is very much to be born again. We unlearn everything we have learned up to that moment, in order to appreciate life fully we must die now before we die to our physical form and to many this can feel like a very lonely process. The darkness is only blinding because that’s what you choose to see, the pain is only painful because that’s what you choose to feel, you are only experiencing loneliness because you choose to isolate yourself. I say this not to cause you discomfort but to assure you that although you may feel alone in this, you are in fact far from it. Just take a look around, notice how everything is falling into place just for you. Every event and experience that you have ever gone through has led you to this moment.

Try not to resist or question it, as the great and wonderful teacher said:

“There’s a natural mystic blowing through the air;
If you listen carefully now you will hear.
This could be the first trumpet…might as well be the last:
Many more will have to suffer,
Many more will have to die – don’t ask me why.”

BE. Be in the moment, be in yourself, observe your being and the rest will all just flow. Trust yourself.

To your Devine success.

Peace& Love